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Kelly + Jones

Mezcal Añejo Perfume

Mezcal Añejo Perfume

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Experience the art of scent with Kelly + Jones Fragrance. This oil-based, non-alcoholic perfume is expertly crafted and founded in the charming city of Kingston, NY. As a women-owned business, these luxurious scents are long-lasting, providing over 8 hours of sophisticated allure on the skin. Elevate your senses and indulge in the exclusivity of Kelly + Jones Fragrance.

Mezcal Añejo

Features a  golden blend of Brocade Spices and Velveted Fruit 

Smelling Notes: Velvet Jasmine | Leather | Smoked Amber | Guajillo | Golden Peach

  • Gold cap and sprayer. Includes gold foiled box. Hand-poured.
  • 50ml/1.69fl oz | Gender-Inclusive
  • A portion of every sale goes to Programa Vaca, a Mexico-based organization assisting rural regions where Mezcal is made.
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