Factory Services

At the Made X Hudson atelier and factory in Catskill NY (established in 2020), our mission is to support independent designers and brands in search of small-batch, US-based manufacturing of clothing, accessories and soft goods; to help reduce the waste evident in the fashion industry; to provide career opportunities for local talent; and to go beyond garment production to assist with advising, shop design and other business-support functions as needed.

• Design and development consultation and collaboration
• Production sewing with industry-low minimums
• Fabric & notions sourcing
Alterations & customization
Sewing workshops & open studio
• Interior design & consulting
• Business strategy, photoshoots & marketing advising
• Special projects


    We want our team to be paid a living wage so they can not only afford their basic needs, but thrive. We aim to nurture an artisan culture where a high value is placed on the people who make our clothes, as sewing is a challenging profession requiring decades to master.


    We offer small brands a chance to produce their items to give clients an option to not buy fast fashion. The fact that we focus on small minimums is a sustainable measure to avoid overproduction. We work with domestic brands, often close to our factory to avoid excess shipping. When creating patterns, we aim to maximize use of fabric to reduce cutting waste. For leftover scraps, we send them to be recycled and up-cycled with trusted partners.


    With material and fashion technology advancing every year, we are continuously integrating new efficiencies and reducing waste along the supply chain. We are excited about emerging materials and new material developments. Most importantly, we are passionate about educating the public about valuing the clothes more and investing in articles of clothing that will last.

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  • Eric De Feo

    Head of Operations & Biz Dev
    Eric holds over a decade of experience in building, consulting, and investing with startup brands across the fashion, real estate, food, and technology sectors. He is the founder of the Hudson Community Incubator, a startup ecosystem and consultancy for Main Street businesses. Eric has a  M.Arch / M.S.E. from UPenn and B.A. from Northwestern.

  • Sergio Guadarrama

    Head of Development & Production
    An expert in pattern-making, with nearly two decades of fashion industry experience, Sergio brings his signature style and extensive industry network to Made X Hudson. Sergio’s fashion brand, Celestino Couture, believes in designing with a purpose at the intersection of fashion, environmental sustainability, and ethical production. Sergio holds a B.A. from FIT.

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