Factory Pricing

Located 2 hours north of New York City in Catskill NY, our garment production facility is predicated on sustainable and ethical manufacturing. We are redefining manufacturing in the fashion industry, and doing things a little bit differently. All of our employees are paid living wages, and we provide a progressive and inclusive work environment. We are one of a handful of factories in the country offering small minimums. 

If you’re new to the world of fashion and apparel or experienced with garment production, please review before you embark on the manufacturing process with us. 

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PLEASE NOTE: Domestic production is expensive when done ethically. The global transition to fast fashion has gotten the world accustomed to fast and cheap, at the expense of human labor. We have options to send samples to our values-aligned partner facility in Mexico, where the cost of living is much lower. However, we always recommend first sampling development in our Catskill facility to get the best results.

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Our capabilities

We work with both wovens and knits:
• Garments (e.g. Blouses, Dress Shirts, Dresses, Pants, Shorts, Vests, Untailored Jackets, Bucket hats, Scarves, Boxer Shorts, Robes, Kimonos, Luxury T-Shirts, Corsetry)
• Soft Goods (e.g. Tote Bags, Napkins, Pillows, Table Linens, Dish Towels)
• Speciality (e.g. Swimwear, Bridal, Formalwear)
• Other - Ask us! We’re here to find a way.


At each stage, we will estimate costs and send an invoice for a non-refundable deposit. Once the deposit is paid, the project goes into the development, sampling and/or production queue. Quotes are valid for 15 days only.

Timeline & Expectations 

Development: The development of a new style can take a few weeks or a few months. We want to get through development as quickly as possible so we can make your goods. We know you want them perfect, beautiful and in your hands, and so do we. 

Sampling: Often, muslin sampling can start within a week or so of receiving a deposit. 

Production: Estimate 4-6 weeks for production. 


Intellectual Property

We do not sign NDAs unless there is a patented technology. All of your patterns and designs - whether you created, or we help create - are your property. 


Factory Visits

We welcome prospective and current clients to visit our factory in person. However, remote visits for clients across the country work just as well. We will be happy to schedule a time  - remote or live - that is mutually convenient.



Pricing varies widely and is often predicated on how much of the design process is already complete. There will be a pattern and a series of samples that must be completed before production. Clients come to us in various stages, and we will meet you where you are in the process. It is not uncommon for us to have to re-do a pattern to make it appropriate for optimizing efficiencies in production. 

Step 1: Pattern Development ( ~ $300 - $450 / style / iteration)
Pattern development is an iterative process. A pattern maker, no matter how skilled, should not be expected to make something perfectly on the first draft. We will definitely get close to your vision but surprises can and do happen. 

Step 2: Sourcing ($160 / hour)
It should be noted that the moment we begin making the sample muslin, we can also start helping you source the fabric. We have a few vendors and mills that we like to work with. Getting all of the fabric and supplies takes TIME. As there are additional samples and testing that must be done before starting production, it is important to know that shipping and lead times for mills and warehouses can be slow. ALWAYS PLAN AHEAD. If our facility sources the textiles for sampling or production we charge $150 per hour sourcing fee to get the best material for your project.

Step 3: Standard Garment Sampling ($240 - 320 / sample) ; Softgoods Sampling ($160)
One to three muslin samples are usually enough for the pattern maker and designer to arrive at the correct final result. At this point the “real” fabric should be in-house and a final sample is made that represents the EXACT garment that will end up in the customer’s hands. The final sample MUST BE PERFECT IN ALL WAYS.  

Step 4: First Fitting and Corrections ($250 - $450)
Whether it is your own team or our sampling team, the first fitting of a muslin can run long as all the details are discussed, noted and confirmed.
One additional cost to fittings that is often overlooked is the fit model. We could not do our work without them. Professional fit models cost around $250 - $450 per hour depending on the body type and how common that body type is within modeling agencies. It should not be a person that is "close to the right size." As long as we know your brand standard, we can find the right model at the right price. They are an invaluable element in getting the clothes right.

Step 5: Tech Pack ($160/hr)
A tech pack is an instruction manual for your garment, which is used for developing production costs and ensuring all elements are included. This is billed at $150/hour, and can take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours depending on the scope of the product. The development of a tech pack can be waived for soft goods and some simple garments.
Once all of these steps are complete we will wrap up your development invoice, NOW it is time to take your design from development to production.


We will not give a production quote until we have a sample made from the final pattern. We need the final pattern and a timed construction of the sample to give a production price. We do not have production minimums, although recommend 6/size and 50 units/style for apparel and 100 units for soft goods to reach the best cost in manufacturing efficiencies.

Shipping & Packaging

We require a Fedex or UPS shipping account number, otherwise we will bill you for shipping. Bespoke packaging is an offering.

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