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Gemini Claw Clips

Gemini Claw Clips

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MLE | Gemini Claw Clip - A timeless and elevated two-sided hair clip.

Comes in 8 different colors.

  • Delft- Inspired by the blue and white hues of Delft Blue pottery, a centuries-old Dutch craft.
  • Matcha- Inspired by the green hues of matcha tea.
  • Petal- An iridescent pale apricot pink diamond pattern alongside a cream & oatmeal tortoise.
  • Azurite- Burgundy alongside a deep navy with yellow/orange speckle 
  • Cafe- Deep coffee color alongside a creamy cafe brown
  • Tutti Frutti- A colorful two-sided hair clip, inspired by having a touch of everything. Every bit as fun to wear as it is to admire.
    Made with multicolored and transparent silver glitter acetates.
  • Rose Quartz-  A pink two-sided hair clip, inspired by rose quartz. Every bit as fun to wear as it is to admire.
  • Peony Pink- Beautiful marbled peony pink design.


  • Made of Cellulose Acetate, a natural and eco-friendly material
  • 3 inches wide x 2.5 inches tall
  • Extra-long teeth to secure your style
  • Handmade 
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