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Dunia Jewelry

Cubic Zirconium Tennis Necklace | Multi-Styles

Cubic Zirconium Tennis Necklace | Multi-Styles

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Introducing Dunia Jewelry Cubic Zirconium Tennis Necklace, a dazzling accessory available at Made X Hudson in a spectrum of vibrant hues including Barbie Pink, Blue, Green, Diamond Rainbow, Square Rainbow, Black, Clear, and Light Pink. Crafted with precision, this Gold Filled tennis necklace showcases cubic zirconia jewels, adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

Designed to lay flat on the neck in a chic choker style, it makes for a perfect gift, allowing you to share the sparkle with someone special in your life. Elevate any occasion with the exquisite brilliance of our Cubic Zirconium Tennis Necklace, a statement piece and fan favorite at Made X Hudson that radiates elegance and charm. 

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