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XL Beetle Ring

XL Beetle Ring

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This XL Beetle Ring embodies sustainability in its design. Its prototype utilizes 3D technology to minimize wax waste and is crafted from recycled metals, such as silver sourced from electronics, x-ray films, old jewelry, and various other reclaimed materials.

Material    925 Recycled Matte Silver  Weight      20.61 g/unit

This is an adjustable ring! Fits on different fingers and can be squeezed softly to make for a comfortable and secure fit when worn.

Note that adjustable rings are designed so that you should only do this once or twice to get the size that suits your finger best. If you do this repeatedly (or share your ring with people with thicker or slimmer fingers), you run the risk of bending the ring band itself out of shape.

Why Beetles?

Beetles regulate available nutrients and energy resources in the soil, helping plants grow. In simpler words, without beetles, we couldn't have healthy forest, air to breathe, and water to drink.  Remember, no matter how small the animal is, we need it more than you think.

What better way to do fashion but make it slow! 

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