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Tiny Flipped Fungi Earring / Ear Cuff

Tiny Flipped Fungi Earring / Ear Cuff

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The design of this Tiny Flipped Fungi embraces sustainability. Its prototype employs 3D technology to reduce wax waste and is made from recycled materials, including silver sourced from electronics, x-ray films, old jewelry, and various other reclaimed materials.

Material    925 Recycled Silver  Weight      3.74 g/unit

How else can you imagine standing out from the crowd if is not with a piece that looks like an inverted mushroom? Yes, you will be empowering biodiversity, and promoting environmental awareness across the world. What better way to do fashion but make it slow, sassy and spicy! 

Why Mushrooms?

This may seem like your typical mushroom at first glance, but here's the enchanting twist - it's upside down! Unique, rare, and full of magic! Embrace its special charm and wear it daily. Add your personal style and flair - it's all about self-expression.

At d'F, here's the fun part - you can rock the upside-down Mushroom as either an earring or ear cuff! It's all about having a blast, being stylish, and making a statement. Why not give it a try and join the exclusive Flock club?

Ps: Rock the charm with a chain! Let your imagination run wild and make it work for you!

Ps2: Sold as a unit! Mix and match for a perfect pair or choose two of the same! It's your call, but getting two is always the smart move! The more, the merrier!

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